7 thoughts on “Hoodooing

  1. Hi Tim! Terrific photos of the turtles “hoodooing”. I adore the, “Synchronized Sliders”. Love your sense of humor, if only the UNM had posted a “No Swimming in the Duck Pond” sign the turtles might not have had to share the duck pond with the likes of a bather.

    • Hi Mia. Since there are a lot more homeless hanging around UNM these days, I wouldn’t be surprised if a “No Swimming” sign might be placed there in the future. They have added signs about what to feed the ducks and what not to feed the ducks, which is very thoughtful for the ducks.

      The next day after the guy was bathing in the duck pond, I had a tech out servicing the swamp coolers on the office, setting them up for the summer. He was hosing down the swampers, there are five large coolers on the office, and a lot of water was running off the roof. A homeless guy stood under the canale and took a shower in the runoff.

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