7 thoughts on “For A Few Dollars More

  1. Tim, this series of photos, wonderful! I don’t know all (well any really) photo lingo, I like the grainy quality of the black and white images, they have a very moody feel to them.

    • Thanks, Mia! Graininess in film looks natural and does create a certain mood, feel, and sense of time. Noise in a digital image does not have the same quality or effect in my opinion.

      • Thank you, Tim. Film does make a difference. I was surprised you said you dropped off the film to be developed. I would have thought for sure you would do your own developing.

      • Hi Mia. I have a complete darkroom, but I don’t do C41 (color) processing. It was much easier to use an old roll of C41 process B&W film to test the camera and lens than to process a roll of B&W myself.

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