17 thoughts on “Dish Network

      • Hahaha! LOL soon after I sent the comment my mind’s song switched to 🎡Lola…L…O …L A Lola..🎡 are the words “cherry cola” in there? Anyway, a very sweet song!

      • I think it “…tastes just like Coca Cola” is the line. When we lived in Spain a popular cheap drink for a quick buzz (as I was told) was Calimocho (Kalimotxo), which is Coca Cola or other cola mixed with cheap red wine you buy in a liter brick. The recipe is 1.25 liters carbonated cola and 1 liter red wine. I never tried it as I thought it sounded awful. But the Kinks line in Lola about champaign tasting like Coca Cola made sense after I learned about calimocho.

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