10 thoughts on “Crow Show

  1. Love that fifth photo down, where you can see the feathers on the wings. Incredible shot. And I really picked up the atmosphere of your evening walk from your description.

    • Hi Resa! We have seagulls come around. They are really special in the high desert here. I did a post with seagulls a week or so ago.

  2. Tim, an amazing post, fantastic! The series of photos, stunning, and the crows that you captured are amazing. “Gathering a dark chorus” is a beautiful video with a lovely poem, a wonderful tribute to the black moonless night and the goodbyes, I love it!

      • I think the option for the text to scroll like that has Star Wars in the name. I was a teenager when the first Star Wars came out. It was like a really big WOW back then.

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