14 thoughts on “Tim Dandy to the Rescue

  1. Terrific photos. That ladder sure looks spooky to be the on while rescuing one of your cats.

    Tim, I used one of your photos in a post today that I used to have the link to hyperlink your photo to, however, I don’t have the link anymore.
    Would you please tell me where to link your photo to, either a direct link to or should I hyperlink it to one of your blogs or websites?

    Here is the photo:

    • Hi Gene, I haven’t seen you around for awhile. I’m not finding that post right off hand either. They can just give the URL to either site. Thanks!

      • Thanks, Tim. I’ll add your name hyperlinked to one of your sites, probaly the one you link this one to, because it also has both sites on it to click on, which is how I found you again — (if you check out some of my old posts you’ll see that I had a lot of drama and headaches over a fake guru claiming copyrights over my own photos, because he didn’t like me exposing his real source of income, so he hired a lawyer to have WordPress suspend my blog for “violation of the terms of service”, which they renter, I was told by WordPress because his allegations were as authentic as his claim to bring as enlightened as Jesus or Buddha), at the bottom of the post for photo credit, that way, people have an opportunity to check out your fab photography.
        I’ll do that as soon as I’m on my computer, it’s difficult to do that on a tablet or cellphone phone.

    • Hi Fraggle. That’s because she knew I was working on her rescue. I discovered her in the tree because the neighbor’s dog kept barking and braking, and I went out to check it out. Sasha was up in the tree looking worried and breathing heavily at that point.

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