8 thoughts on “Red Track Green Track

  1. Like the red then green reflection on the tracks ~ and then the pretty blonde at the corner not a bad look either ~ the signs/intersection pull it all together well 🙂

    • Thanks, Randall. I missed the yellow light on the tracks, because the camera refocused on the light change and the yellow went by before the camera would focus in the dark. One of my beefs with mirrorless cameras. The light only changed if a car or pedestrian going onto or coming off the AU campus tripped it. At that time of night , we were the only ones around.

      • How are you enjoying the mirrorless? There are times I am frustrated by it (Sony), but then there are times I am blown away by the results. A perfect side-kick to a DSLR (or vice-versa). I’ve be very happily surprised.

      • Hi Randall. I’ve been using mirrorless cameras since 2010 as compact carry cameras. My first one was a Lumix GF-1. I really loved that camera, but that’s when I first noticed that if you wanted to do action shots, there couldn’t be much action involved. After the GF-1 got damaged in 2010, I replaced it with a Fuji X-Pro1, which had just been introduced. The X-Pro1 has super quality, a little better on action shots, but low and bright light focus can be frustrating. I pretty much wore out the X-Pro1, and after a factory rebuild that didn’t really fix some annoying issues, I got a Fuji X-E1 this year, that I’m currently using for my carry camera. With the 27mm ƒ/2.8 pancake lens, it’s much more compact and lighter weight than the X-Pro1 with the 35mm ƒ/1.4 lens. It produces the same great quality photos, but focusing in low and bright light gives it problems, also. But I’ve read reviews and complaints about low and bright light focusing issues on the full-frame and medium format mirrorless cameras as well.

      • Fuji seems to be the model of preference for many. Two photograher friends in Seattle moved to mirrorless with Fuji. I should have taken a closer look at Fuji, but Sony was perfect because a friend/store owner had one in stock in HK. I enjoy shooting my Sony in low light, but difficult to get what I want at times (DSLR also has this issue, but working with my Canon is more second nature so I think I just perceive it as easier). 2010, you were ahead of the curve 🙂

      • Sony makes fine cameras. I bought a lot of them for evaluators at the office over the years. The only compliant I had about them was their proprietary memory card they had for a long time.

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