11 thoughts on “Selfies with Sophia

    • Hi Mia. Sophia was a sad case. Her original owner who had her like 13 years, sold her to a local pet shop after he married a woman with a teenage daughter who didn’t like Sophia (I would have thrown out the teenager before Sophia). Sophia was heart broken, depressed and had severe separation anxiety making her very difficult to handle. Tristan rescued her from the pet shop, and got her functional again. I remind Sophia of her pervious owner, so she gets really birdie gushy when I handle her and she regurgitates love offerings for me. Doing selfies distracts her so we can play without all the bird swooning and regurgitation.

      • Tim, I happy to read that Sophia has a wonderful home now with your daughter, Tristan. Heartbreaking how some people can be, while others are quite the opposite. I know these birds can become very attached to their owners and a transition can be very difficult. She’s an absolute beauty and it’s wonderful that she shares with you her love offerings. I was going to ask earlier if she talks… does she talk?

      • HI Mia. Sophia talks very well. African Greys are super smart birds at about the intelligence level of 5 year old children. Not only can the amass large vocabularies (Alex, a famous African Grey in research, had a vocabulary of over 100 words https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alex_%28parrot%29), they make up words and mix words and sentences around to form new phrases from the things they hear us saying. They are quite entertaining and interactive when it comes to vocalizing. I taught Søren, the Grey who lives with Laurie and me, to sing Lola by the Kinks, and he makes up all kinds of variations on the song. He’s also come up with multiple intonations and variations on “More cow bell!”

      • Hi Tim, thank you for a wonderful reply. I’m happy to know that she talks. The link to Alex is fascinating, I don’t know if he was an outstanding exception or if all Greys have the same potential. I didn’t recall that you have a Grey, Søren. I love that you taught him Lola, great song. Does he sing it to your Lola? Laughing, “more cow bell”, that’s great!

      • I taught him the song because of Lola, but he doesn’t sing to her specifically. He usually tells the cats to “Stop!” whatever they are up to.

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