12 thoughts on “Paparazzo & Chicks

  1. They’re precious. Two robins built nests in the rafters of my porch a few weeks ago–two eggs in each nest–and I got to observe them from eggs to leaving their nests. Was pretty cool.

  2. Tim, I’m so glad you didn’t cut that branch and that you were able to documented the hummingbirds growth and development. A beautiful series of photos, really lovely. ~ Mia

    • Hi Mia. I’m really happy I didn’t cut it. It was a lot of fun watching the little hummers grow. I would talk to them whenever I got up on the ladder to photograph them. A few days before they flew, they would flick their little tongues at me when I talked to them. I’m not sure if they were hungry, acknowledging me or it was their way of flipping me off. Little hummers are hard to read.

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