12 thoughts on “Missed Steps

  1. I walk every evening, weather permitting, counting time–1 1/2 hours–instead of steps. Your poem resonates with me…gotta get those steps, gotta get that time. It has become so much of a habit, I get antsy when I can’t get out.

    • Thanks, Cathy. It’s a good habit to have. Especially considering all the the bad habits we can get into. I have to admit, that the little Fitbit dictator is a really good motivator to get me out walking at the end of a long day where I can often capture the beauty of sunsets and the life of critters rarely seen in the daylight.

  2. Hi Tim, great photo of the owl, he looks like he was waiting for you. The moon is fantastic and I like that I can see the craters. Getting those steps in, I feel like I can hear you singing your poem. Enjoy your afternoon, and your walk this evening. ~ Mia

    • Thanks, Mia. Funny you should mention the owl looking like he was waiting for me. I was slowly walking up to it, and it was letting me get closer than normal when a guy on a mountain bike whizzed past and the owl flew. Frustrating. I was surprised the craters showed in the moon. Even though we had cloudless skies, they were hazy from the wildfires.

      • You’re welcome, Tim. You got a great shot before the owl took off. I would have never guessed the sky was hazing the moon looks quite magical.

    • Giddy up Giddy up lets’ go! I have a FB One, so it doesn’t buzz at me, but the app on the phone gets pretty darned pesky. Thanks, Teri!

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