14 thoughts on “Saturday Night’s All Right For Writing

  1. Tim, this is a wonderful parody, super video, terrific lyrics, and very fun to watch! “I’m looking for a phrase that will seem alright”, laughing, so true! Have a great Sunday! ~ Mia

    • Thanks, Mia. I got the idea for the parody several months ago sitting at the computer tired, my mind blank, and trying to find one of the phrases that seemed alright. I thought why can’t I write on a Saturday night, Saturday night must be good for writing. Then the song popped into my head, and I started on the lyrics. I don’t remember if I ever got anything beyond a photo for a post that night, but it started this project rolling along. The lyrics went through many revisions. I had ideas for the music and a much more complex video. I even tried to lay down guitar tracks using my flamenco guitar and I also attempted a bass track, but I discovered I’m going to have to relearn to play the guitar. The numbness in my fingertips from the chemo make it very difficult to feel the strings and be accurate, plus my hands are very weak. I just plain suck as a bass player. In the end, using the music from Elton John’s original version and a straight, simple video worked out the best.

      • Hi Tim, you’re welcome. It’s funny how inspiration happens along. I’m glad you developed this idea further. The video came together really nicely using Elton John’s music with your lyrics and star performance, who needs anything more? I always enjoy and I’m impressed with your creativity.

      • Since we don’t have a TV, we have to entertain ourselves. I wanted the cats to interact in the video, but they didn’t. When I put out the table they were all over it, but once I got the props on it and lights set up, etc., they got bored and found something more interesting to do like catnap.

      • Tim, funny you should mention the kitties, I thought it would have been a nice touch to have a couple of them sleeping on the desk while you singing. They do have minds of their own, that’s for sure.

    • Thanks, Cathy. I think we can all relate in one way or another. I rolled the tie at different places in different takes, and then did it where I could let it down with the piano that starts the last repeat of the chorus. It took a few takes to get the timing down.

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