10 thoughts on “Beaver on the Bank

  1. Tim, these photos are amazing. I’m impressed with the beaver, he didn’t take off right away and was willing to be captured by the camera. He looks so cute, at least from a distance. ~ Mia

    • Thanks, Mia. It was really getting dark. They obviously feel more secure in the darkness, as this was the first time I saw one got out of the water. But the darkness sure makes it hard on the photographer.

      • You’re welcome Tim. I couldn’t tell how dark it was, the photos look as though they were taken in the afternoon. We don’t have the kind of wild life you have, the most we have here are raccoons going through the trash cans or eating the garden snails.

      • Setting the camera at high ISO and by enhancing the images in photoshop, I’m able to show detail we could not see with our own eyes. I could barely see the beaver and the man I was talking to could not see it at all. He was skeptical that I and his wife were seeing a real critter until I showed him the image on my camera’s screen. We have raccoons and porcupine as well.

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