13 thoughts on “Ach Nein! Nine Gnari*

  1. My goodness! What a lot of news and a poem too, with fab pics!
    You are a cat lover, big time. Gotta love that, and I’m sure Lorrie loves them just as much as you do.

    • Thanks, Genie. We’ve always been crazy cat people, now we are becoming really crazy cat people.

      • I love cats too, but the dog I have now, Dancer, well, he loves to chase cats, so I don’t have a cat because he’s impossible, a real farm boy, that one.
        I don’t think he wants to hurt the cats: he wants to herd them.

      • Dogs like to herd and chase. Of course we do our share of cat chasing and cat herding around here.

  2. Ops, I meant to change my blog URL, to Feral Poetess. I may change URLs, not sure yet, I get tired of being a Feral Poetess (I am tame at times!)

    • We don’t chase them very often as most of them come when we call them. But they do need to be herded around a fair amount. Laurie generally puts “Cat Herder” as her profession on forms and surveys.

  3. I love the way your mind handles words and imagery. The picture of the cat formerly known as midnight fascinates me. Is it against some kind of mirror?

    • Hi Susan. He’s sitting by the mirror wall in the dance room. The mirror is dusty and the short depth of field turns the dust in snowflake-like white spots. The dustiness worked for this photo, but it reminded me to clean the mirror.

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