26 thoughts on “Blues through Blinds

  1. Like this photo. I need to work on my photos for my blog . I’m happy with my writing but I’m not a good photographer. Nice paintings. I’d like to follow you but did not see a follow button.

  2. This photo is great. I love the title and the ‘blues’ … these are great! Im so glad you let me in on them …Im not sure why my Reader didnt pull them 🙂

    • Thanks, West. I think WP has dropped my posts on POTDE Archives out of most everyone’s readers. I don’t see in my reader anymore, either.

      • I think they are just careless when they do updates and little fixes here and there. I’m constantly losing people from both email notifications and the reader. I have to go to the list of people I’m following in the reader every now and then and click off and on the the notifications for a lot of the blogs I follow, then they work again. It’s just another one of those seemingly constant annoyances with WP.

      • Ok Im going to try that also because I notice that happens a lot with men~ and inevitably Ill click on someones blog and find 10 posts Ive missed :/

    • Thanks, Cindy! I think WP dropped POTDE Archives from most everyone’s readers, as it’s dropped a lot of blogs from my reader, as well. It’s really pesky in that way. I don’t post links everyday to POTDE Archives on WP, especially when WP drops me from most of the readers anyway.

  3. HI Timothy – just read your comment to west and wondered if that’s what’s happened with me – I don’t seem to see your posts now – I wondered if you had cancelled your WP account as you mentioned some while ago or is it just a glitch?

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