6 thoughts on “Lobo Louie & The Cubs

    • You seemed a little disappointed to discover in was a sporty lobo and the Chicago Cubs by your comment on the blog. I’m not a sports fan, but folks at the office are, so we have a shrine on a shelf where I used to have bonsais.

      • LOL, not disappointed — just unexpected. 😀 When i saw the title my brain was jumping around to what kind of “cubs” you could possibly have gotten close enough to photograph. “Good grief! Has he gone and walked into a mountain lion’s den now?” — that kind of thing. Then i saw stuffed animals. Ha! The displays and animals made a nice composition too.

      • Back when we were exploring old mines with Ulysses, I started to craw into tunnel, heard a low growling coming from deeper inside the tunnel — I was out of there like a shot. While it’s not impossible, I doubt I’ll come up with any real cubs soon, unless I visit the zoo.

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