6 thoughts on “Atonement Tennessee

  1. Tim — this is fabulous!!! And your photo art is superb. You really captured key elements in the story, and made it look so effortless. The mark of a true artist. Since I’ve already done an extra post this week, I will try my best to save reblogging this until next week. But I feel like a kid on Christmas morning — so it will be a challenge to wait! Mega hugs my friend. 🙂 ⭐ 😀

    • Oh! Darn! I wasn’t thinking about the fact that you might want to put on your mid-week post. That’s just so “man” of me isn’t it! I was just getting all the images together over the past week, and I finally had them all last night.

      • No noooo…. I already did a mid-week post for this week. (Not that I’m trying to make a habit of that — I just can’t keep up with things if I do posts too close together.) I was the one apologizing — that I wouldn’t be reblogging and sharing your wonderful efforts sooner. 😀 ❤ ⭐ Huge hugs!

      • Not to worry. And no need to apologize. The post is there for all to see, and if you feel like adding to the next mid-week post, it may extend the interest in it.

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