October = Birthdays


October is the birthday month for our family starting with Laurie’s mom, Laurie, Tristan, my mom, and finally me. Susan and I share the same birth date, and one of my best friends I grew up with was born 4 days after me. Laurie’s birthday was yesterday, and I made her a chocolate cake. She got a cute pair of purple suede shoes and a new set of watercolor brushes.



35 thoughts on “October = Birthdays

  1. Perfect! Beautiful cake and wonderful shoes. I also have a October birthday along with several other family members! And there will be a big party at the end of the month to celebrate all of us!
    Happy Birthday everyone.

    • It’s interesting how birthdays often get all bunched up in the same month or season for families. We also have birthdays in November and December, So from October 1st through the end of the year there are lots of birthday celebrations.

  2. Happy Birthday, Laurie!
    Fabulous purple shoes!!!
    And, I know the cake was fabulous, too! As are the pics!

  3. Happy birthday to you both. And what did you get for your birthday? We seem to be in the same predicament. We just have one BIG celebration in October.

  4. Happy Birthday Timothy. Yes, October is a wonderful birthday month. Our family is full of them also. 🙂 My birthday, my husband’s and both of my sister-in-laws.

  5. That cake looks good! And purple is my favorite color, so of course I think the shoes are great. I hope you have fun with all the October celebrations…. October for you is like July for me – there are so many July birthdays among my family and friends.

    • Yes I did, Totally chocolate 😉 The recipe for the frosting is called “Chocolate lover’s frosting.” I added Amaretto for a splash of extra flavor when I was making it. Thanks, Herman!

  6. Happy October to the Price family! Love those shoes and wish I could have a slice of that cake.

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