Ghost under a Full Moon



While I was out photographing the full moon, I noticed a lot of plasma in the air by the circle garden. I took a photo and got what looks like a ghost of a kitty or squirrel. This is the second ghost I’ve captured in a photo. The first one was at the Menger Hotel in San Antonio, TX in 2004.



White Butterfly



I’ve seen a few bigger butterflies pass by, but with everything being so dry and our butterfly bushes only thinking about blooming, they just continue on their way. This little butterfly stuck around tasting out lamb’s ear and Russian sage.

Bird, Bee, Flower and Clouds



We watched the final stage of the Tour de France, and the multi-media, light extravaganza they projected on the Arc de Triomphe was spectacular.  If the church could could produce the same quality of multi-media production to illustrate the pastor’s points as the Tour de France’s light show did for the awards ceremony, I might buy into the multi-media projection during the service. Then again, if churches could give multi-media shows half as good as the clouds over the Sandias, they might be entertaining.

A hawk was blending with the insulators on the power pole — good hunting strategy. The bee/wasp in the second photo is as BIG as it looks. I’ve been trying to get a clear photo of this critter for a long time. It never lands for but a split second and zips around very quickly. I finally got it in flight. The Asian lily was backlit nicely just after sunrise, and the clouds were quite entertaining throughout the day.









Breakfast with Guildenstern



Breakfast with Guildenstern can be quite an adventure as he sprawled out on the table and pushed our coffee cups to the edge, leaving them on the eve of destruction; then he laid on Laurie’s sketchpad while she was drawing the Sandias. Between trying to push our coffee cups to their death, and obstructing art, he did manage to get in some cute poses.