Two Hour Delay



I got a text message from UNM LoboAlerts Emergency Messaging at 5:00 am this morning alerting me that UNM-MAIN CAMPUS and UNM WEST were on a 2-hour delay due to weather conditions. I peered through condensation on the window, and it looked pretty white outside. After I got up I could see we had about an inch of snow. Rosencrantz went right out to play in the snow, but didn’t stay out long, as I found him looking in the window trying to get my attention a few minutes later. I made him earn his way back inside by making him wait until I got a good shot of him before opening the door. Rosencrantz shot back in past Guildenstern who had to survey the situation before he decided to go out an walk around in the snow.

We picked up Tristan on the Westside on our way into school, and not a flake of snow had fallen west of Coors Road. Tristan said she was quite confused by the LoboAlert, but when we got to UNM at 9:00am there was about 3 inches of snow on the cars and Johnson Field.  Staff who live on the Eastside closer to the mountains said they had about 4 inches of snow, and there was general mayhem on the roads as cars and trucks slid toward I-25.