First Bee



There was about a half inch of snow on the ground this morning. I went out to see if the crocus were opening in the morning sun, despite the snow, but they remained closed until almost noon. By the time they decided to open all the snow had melted; however, it was warm enough for the bees to be out working the crocus — the first bees I’d seen this season.

I got caught up on my French homework before I started cooking a big batch of NM gumbo this afternoon. While I was cooking t

he rice, browning the meats and thawing the vegetables, I managed to get a week ahead on my French homework. Now that’s what I call cooking!

The number system the French use is base 60, which is based on the Babylonian number system. There are no single names for the numbers 70, 80 and 90 in French. Seventy is soixante-dix (60+10), eighty is quatre-vingts (4×20), and ninety is quatre-vingts-dix (4×20+10). You add the numbers 10 through 19 to 60 to get from 70 to 79, then you add the numbers 1 through 9 to 4×20 to get from 80 to 89 and finally you add 10 through 19 to 4×20 to get from 90 to 99. One-hundred is “cent”.  The numbers make sense seeing them on paper, but listening to people rattle off numbers in the exercises and trying to write them down made my head spin.

Stretch was laying on the window sill sunning himself this afternoon. I went out to see if there was water in the ditch and talked to one of our neighbors for a few minutes, then when I came back inside Stretch was sitting on the window sill with the strong light shining through the window almost env

eloping him.





4 thoughts on “First Bee

    • That sure does make life easier. One of the numbers in the listen to the numbers exercise was 62,050,000. I could hear the soixante-deux mille, but the heck if I could get the 50K. For me large numbers in Spanish are so much easier than French. Which is good, because when we lived in Spain they still used the peseta and a lot of goods cost thousands of pesetas.

  1. The photos today are all very interesting; the bees and crocus are a welcome sign of spring, and Stretch has his aura — just beautiful!

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