Coyote (Canis latrans)

I recorded coyotes yipping and howling in the bosque and wrote a song to go with the canine chorale. It was dark when they went off on their bosque flashmob; however, whenever the coyotes start yipping and howling right at sundown we never see them as they are hidden in the brush and undergrowth in the bosque. The coyotes do flashmob howling quite often, and they sound close and often howl from all sides.  I don’t have video of coyotes; therefore, I used photos I’ve done of coyotes, plus video of me and the guitars I played on the song.

About the guitars. I finished building the Black Tele last week. I built it with standard Tele pickups, so it has a nice twangy sound to it. The blonde jazz guitar is a Guild A-150B with a DeArmond Rhythm Chief 1000 floating pickup.


Lyrics and Music by Timothy Price

howling in the night
Canine chorus
Offers up a fright

Binomial chorale
Revrebs through the trees
Like a bosque flashmob
Surround sound and for free

Dusk falls
Latrans he rejoices
Yipping, screeching, howls
A cacophony of voices