Too Many Nuts

Parking garage. Downtown Albuquerque, New Mexico

I’ve banned myself for life from the parking garage that I was banned for life from in 2016. I find it interesting that this can of nuts was in the space next to where I parked in the garage this morning. It should be the last photo from the parking garage.

When I walked into the parking garage this afternoon, a half-naked, grungy dude wearing a cowboy hat stepped out of the shadows under the stairwell, started telling me a sad story that made no sense and asked me for money. When I told him no, he became more aggressive about asking for money and followed me up the stairs blathering nonsense between yelling ‘Hey” trying to get my attention, and asking for money. I plodded up the stairs keeping my head down so I could vaguely see what the guy was doing behind me. Since I park on the top of the garage, he must have decided climbing so many flights of stairs was too much work, or at least not worth the effort, and gave up about halfway up. When I got home, I looked up who was managing the lot across the street from the office where I used to park and purchased a monthly subscription that starts tomorrow. I’ll still have to deal with transients, but they won’t have the advantage of the parking garage.

There is a downtown action team who used to tell homeless to move on and to stop panhandling. I was talking to the manager of the team, and she said they can no longer tell people to move on, and they can’t tell them to stop panhandling, either. The homless know it and are becoming more aggressive.

Banned for Life

Imperial Building 01/22/2016. I put together an improved animated gif of the building going up over the past year, and replaced the gif I put up on January 13, 2016. Click on the photo to see the new animated gif.


It’s not the first time I’ve been banned for life because of my photographic endeavors, but yesterday’s ban was more surprising than when I was banned for life for photographing the Sandias from the edge of an Indian Pueblo. While the Pueblo’s police officer did not argue the fact that I was not on pueblo land, he had a problem with me photographing the Sandias, which he said is sacred property that belonged to the Pueblo. So he wrote me up for photographing the Sandias from the edge of the pueblo, and told me I was banned from the pueblo for life.

As anyone who has followed my blogs for awhile knows that I have been documenting the construction of the Imperial Building going up behind our office over the past year from the parking garage on 2nd Street. While city security staff has seen me on the garage taking photos of the construction many times over the past year, none of them have ever taken any notice, and said nothing more to me than “Hi!” when we were in earshot of each other. Yesterday, however, a security officer drove up and told me that I was not supposed to be on the parking structure, ordered me to leave, and told me to never come back. I asked her about people who parked in the garage, and she said anyone parking in the garage is supposed to walk to and from their cars, and are not allowed to walk anywhere else in the parking garage. Okay! I left, and shook the dust of my shoes as I walked out of the garage.

I understand that the City doesn’t want people wondering around in the parking garage breaking into cars, but I’m obviously not breaking into cars. Since the Imperial Building is almost done, it probably doesn’t really matter if I don’t do anymore photos of it from the parking garage, but I would like to finish the project from the same vantage points. I emailed Mayor Berry and asked if his office would give me a letter granting me access to the parking garage so I can finish documenting the Imperial Building to its completion.

I also went back through my photo archives and created a new animated gif of the construction over the past year. I had missed a couple of weeks of progress, which I overlooked trying to get the first gif completed so I could post the gif on the one year anniversary of ground breaking on the project. So the new animated gif is more complete and all the images fit better than the first animated gif. You can see the new gif on the post from January 13, 2016 at