Happy Cats

I posted Content Like A Cat, which is the first original song JYP and I collaborated on. Happy As A Cat is an extended version of Content Like A Cat. I split the chorus with a couple of verses I wrote and added new music.

Happy As A Cat
By JYP and Timothy Price

They don’t need
the new hot thing
Cats find their joy
batting a piece of string

To enjoy meals,
cuddles, treats, and snacks.
To have no worries
“I’m late for my nap!”

To be as happy and content as a cat
That is our life’s goal
To be as happy and content as a cat
In the dirt, we’ll roll

They sleep all-day
Play all night
They love their boxes
They love their toys

Purring and furring
Stuff they bat away
All those simple things
Give them joy so many ways

To be as happy and content as a cat
We’d scratch on a pole
To be as happy and content as a cat
Fulfills us, makes us whole

They don’t need cars,
fancy clothes or yachts
Oh, to be as happy
as a cat in a box!

Happy cat prints on my MacBook Pro M1 Max

Gwendolyn snuggled up with me on a cold morning

I walked out to the car to go to work yesterday morning, and the bunny was hanging out behind my car. When I got closer to the car I saw bunny prints on the side of the car. The bunny, who I assume must be getting worked up for Easter, was bouncing off the side of my car. Bratty bunny!


“Oh to be as happy as a cat in a box!” Sasha and Marble (happy on a bag).

39 thoughts on “Happy Cats

    • Nah! The Owl and The Pussy Cat is better. I don’t like either Catwoman or Batman. Thanks, Ivor.

      • Ooh, I like The Owl and The Pussy Cat! Or D Wowl and The Fuzzy Cat if we’re worried about copyright infringement? You can decide of you want to be D Wowl or a Fuzzy Cat. These photos will make excellent album covers. Especially Sasha in the pizza box.

      • Hahahaha! A soaker hose came in Sasha’s pizza box. How about D Wowl and The Frumpy Cat? We could leave the roles ambiguous and interchangeable, like Rosencrantz and Guildenstern. Otherwise, I am a frumpy cat, and you are brilliant and wise if we want take on characters.

  1. Your car! πŸ™‚ I never figured bunnies for “climbing” animals but more as ground huggers. Learned sumfink new today.

    • Bunnies are ground dwellers. It was hopping up and bouncing of the side of the car. Really silly. I’ve seen them bounce off fences and walls like that, but that’s a first for a car. Thanks, Orca.

  2. A good song about happy cats makes the humans also happy. Especially in combination with an espresso on a Saturday morning…

  3. You mean: JYP, Timothy Price and the Purr Choir! πŸ˜‰ Maybe that’s why the paw prints occurred and bunny came for support as a “Rights committee”!
    Love the song and mean guitars!

    • Thanks, Cindy. The kitties and the bunny don’t interact now that I don’t let the cat outside beyond the catio. Silver used to bring baby bunnies into the house. Then I had to chase them all over the house to get them back outside.

  4. Great song, I am loving those lyrics and the music was great, I liked the echo of your voice and the cat purring. It is amazing how long a cat can be completely happy with a box to play in. I didn’t know you had a bunny. We had one once in Seattle, he stayed in the garage but got to come out when we were not working and loved playing with our cats in the yard. If they get startled they break their backs very easily. We loved our bunny and I was checking on him one last time before going to work and his neck was broken. He had just had a great time eating his carrots and playing outside with the cats. I had a meeting so Scott took him to the vet and spent 800 dollars and the vet gave him a brochure on joining a group of people who owned paralyzed bunnies. The next day we took him in to go to sleep. You cats always look so content. You can tell who runs the show at your house. Another great collaboration.

    • We only have wild bunnies. Bunnies can be very loveable, but they are also pretty fragile. We had a Rex Bunny that adopted us. It go scratched wrestling with the kitties. The scratch got infected and after some expensive vet bills it died from the infection. Thanks, Joni.

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