Content Like A Cat

Continuing with the collaboration* between JYP and the AWB, Content Like a Cat is our first original song. JYP wrote the lyrics, I wrote the music, played, and recorded the song.

Content as a Cat
By JYP and the AWB

They don’t need
the new hot thing
Cats find their joy
batting a piece of string

To enjoy meals,
cuddles, treats, and snacks.
To have no worries
Except “I’m late for my nap!”

To be as happy and content as a cat
That is our life’s goal
To be as happy and content as a cat
In the dirt, we’ll roll
To be as happy and content as a cat
We’d scratch on a pole
To be as happy and content as a cat
Fulfills us, makes us whole

They don’t need cars,
fancy clothes or yachts
Oh, to be as happy
as a cat in a box!

The cats approve this song.



Marble, Glenda, and Spunk

Buddy knows how to be content like a cat, also.


Sasha is “as happy as a cat in a box!”

And so is Loki!

*The first post with a collaboration between JYP and the AWB was Post COVID World.

57 thoughts on “Content Like A Cat

  1. You’re right it let me comment through the reader. Love the photos especially the last one, I thought the meows at first were the lyrics I sang Rossini’s cat duet once and it was just meows hehe.

  2. Cats know all the essential good things in life! Your cats all look quite content. You and JYP are a good collaborative team, Tim! I love the photos, especially Loki under wraps. πŸ™‚

  3. OMG! Love this song.
    Yes…. life is a lot about cats! I must say all of your kitties look super happy. Spunkie-Poo πŸ’‹ looks the cutest. Buddy looks content as a cat. He’s really taken to you, Tim!

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