50 thoughts on “PRICE LN πŸ›‘

  1. Who wouldn’t want to stop at Price Lane! My goodness. The shows that are put on the night skies there are out of this world!

    • We don’t own Price Ln that runs along the west side of the ditch where the stop sign is. We gave that section to the Village years ago since it was being used as a public road, there was no reason to pay taxes on it. However, we own the road from the ditch to our house. We are among the few people who still have private roads in the Village. Thanks, Michele.

      • It certainly doesn’t make sense to pay taxes if you don’t have to. We have enough of those! Thank you for sharing. Enjoy your day.

  2. Got to experience one of your blood red morning skies while staying on Galveston Island the other night – envy you getting to enjoy those more often where you are.

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