In A Psycho-Delic Vacuum

I reworked an experimental piece of music I recorded about three years ago and visualized it. It’s a short, weird instrumental. The vacuum sound in the recording was made by a vacuum that removes water from refrigeration lines and compressors before recharging refrigerators with refrigerant.

Purple dawn and orange to red sunset today.

Moon glowing behind the clouds at dusk. Dale’s naked Peachtree is in the foreground. Resa’s tree is in the background on the left, under the moon still wearing her leaves.

69 thoughts on “In A Psycho-Delic Vacuum

  1. I’m starting to recognize your music, Tim. 🙂
    Beautiful skies!
    I love the sunflowers dotted all around the trees. And would you look at that? My tree is such a floozy compared to Resa’s!

  2. Beautiful sundown and early evening photos, Tim. I liked your short instrumental. You do have a signature style to your guitar work. I think I could probably pick out your playing from others.

  3. Tim, love the sunsets & the purple dawn. I love that you featured fellow bloggers, Dale & Resa’s trees. And you definitely have great guitar & mixer talent putting together the song. Colorful & a nice beat. 📚🎶 Christine

  4. For the inspiration you ended up in a world in which I have worked for years 🙂 Just to be clear, I worked for a wholesaler in refrigeration equipment for 42 years, so those vacuum pumps are very familiar to me. ha ha ha LOL

    • When I was having a commercial fridge repaired, the tech was using it. It made such a weird noise I had to record it. Thanks, Rudi. I’m happy to bring back some memories.

  5. Agree it’s a trippy piece it reminds me of someone😎I’ll remember yet…your musical work and along with the colour palette is a pleasure Timothy sending you creative vibes for another good day ~ sending joy hedy ☺️💫

  6. I like the visual of your video. A little slower, it would make for a great screensaver. And, of course, you would need the audio track to go with it.

    • Some of the settings in the visualizer look very much like screensavers that are among the choices in the Apple screensavers menu. It’s probably the same engine. Thanks, David.

      • No. But truth be told, I use a shop vac with a filter and giant bag to vacuum the house. Between the cats bring in loads of dirt from the catio, and us two bringing in dirt from outside, it’s often hard to tell inside from outside in our house. A regular vacuum can’t handle it.

      • ” it’s often hard to tell inside from outside in our house. A regular vacuum can’t handle it.”
        I’m sooo laughing as I can relate. that’s a good idea actually. Love my Dyson hand held i use sometimes.. so fast and never cleans a lot but good enough for me.. hahaha🤣

  7. Enjoying my listen! You do some really great music, Tim.
    Had to steal the moon & trees pic!
    That was a fab music tidbit! 👍🤗

  8. Looks like you have discovered the modern day milk jug musical instrument – have visions of the Hee Haw band sitting around playing compressors and vacuums ha!

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