BEGINNINGS. Happy Birthday Glenda, Gwendolyn & America!

Glenda and Gwendolyn were born on July 4, 2020. This marks their first birthday on the same day we Americans celebrate our Country’s 245th Birthday.

I finished the song BEGINNINGS that I have been working on for awhile, and since the song is based on a Saga that includes a creation story, I thought it was a good background for a music video with photographs and video of Glenda and Gwendolyn to celebrate their first birthday. There’s a video of fireworks at the end of the video to celebrate the 4th of July.

By Timothy Price

Based on the Saga


Before there began
Allfather God of gods was
The ruler of twelve

Lord of Hosts is Host
Spear-Lord Nikarr after Host
Next the Striker strikes

Knows of many things
Fulfiller of Wishes wished
The Far-Speaking One

The Burner burneth
Shaker puts armies to flight
Destroyer destroys

Protector protects
The last of these is Gelding
Twelve names of Ásgard

In the beginning
There was a Beguiling
Our origin told

Licked rime with rough tongue
Made by primordial cow
Udder’s milk life flowed

Oden, his brothers
Killed the Rime-Giant, Ymir
Into yawning void

His blood became sea
Of his flesh the land was made
Gravel, stones from teeth

His skull made heaven
Set it up to cover earth
The corners sits dwarfs

Way points are their names
North, and South, and East and West
No one will get lost

They raised up his brows
And they called the place Midgard
From his brains made clouds

Earth and Heaven made
The sun and constellations
Division made days

When the sons of Borr
Found and took up two trees
They shaped men from these

First spirit and life
Second wit and feelings
Third speech, hearing, sight

Clothing, names they gave
The male was called Askr
The female Embla

Mankind begotten
They dwell under Midgard
Creation tale told