28 thoughts on “Raw From Off Center

  1. I bet THAT was an interesting course! No matter one’s worldview, something is amiss. I felt like I was running into the wild to regain innocence. Great piece, Tim. Loved the lyrics.

    • Thanks, Mary Jo. If you are interested is such matters and want to discover that most everything you know about the history of the interaction of science and religion as told since the turn of the 20th Century is wrong, then I recommend the course. The course is part of the Teaching Company’s Great Courses taught by Professor Lawrence M. Principe, John Hopkins University.

  2. Great job adding the video!
    I think this is the first time I really got to listen to it.
    The construction noises, esp. the dreaded EVAC were always here. Even with my ear buds, the noise penetrates.
    They are not working today.
    We got email updates yesterday. They say they are on schedule, so shouldn’t have to work evenings or weekends, unless they fall behind. DUH!
    2 weeks to do the sidewalk. Moving a block west on July 21.
    Jeep’s back!

    • Thanks, Resa. I’m happy you got to listen with the video and no construction noise. Noise. Noise. Everywhere there’s noise. Blocking up our senses and messing with our minds…

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