Guitars On The Wall

I hung a couple of art guitars I made on the the walls above my desk instead of photos. I found some really nice acrylic hangers that use the strap buttons to hang the guitars so the hangers are hardly noticeable.

Super Chief PRS-style Guitar

Resa’s One-Eyed Beauty RGX-style Guitar

The desk I built for our graphic artist

Trees in bloom in the patio at the new office building.

The conference room looking east through the single door. The walls are curved.

Conference room looking west through the double doors.

Sunset looking east.

Sunset looking west.

49 thoughts on “Guitars On The Wall

  1. Thanks for the look into your new office space. Like those guitars, including the mouse pad. The curved walls are unique, and the redbuds are awesome in and around the patio. Nicely done all.

    • Thanks, Maj & Sher. The curved was are cool and unique, yet a little problematic in a world that is mostly squares and rectangles.

  2. Nicely done office and furniture, Tim. I like the guitars on the walls. Looks like a good location and much more pleasant. The sky east and west at sunset is beautiful.

    • Thanks, Lavinia. The location is so much better. Not a lot of color in the sunset, but the clouds were nice.

  3. Your new office really looks so beautiful. I’m sure I would feel comfortable from day 1 if you would hire me. But could you hang up a Moog or ARP synth in my office room instead of a guitar? πŸ˜‰

    • I could find a way to hang a Moog. It would be another Moog on the wall. Thanks, Herman.

  4. You created very nice workspaces and the guitars on the wall are the max ! I like the chairs in the meeting room, they look very comfortable – take care that visitors don’t take a nap πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚
    Wondelful offices Timothy, my congratulations !

  5. I love your Art Guitars. Your corner is now perfect!!!
    What a beautiful working space! Lucky graphic artist! πŸ˜‰
    From East to West beauty thrives! Painter in a playfully joyous mood!

  6. Your guitars are beautiful, have I understood well that you made them yourself? It must be nice to work in your new offices, the place seems spacious and well-lighted, plus you have trees in your patio, this seems a nice working environment.

  7. Your office space looks airy and light.. Love the curve walls.. And those hangers for your guitar very discreet ….
    Your skies are magnificent.. πŸ™‚ Happy Days to you Tim.. πŸ™‚

    • The office is so much nicer than the 125 year old building we were in for years. The curved walls are cool. I did a lot of searching to find those guitar hangers. These are so much better than most hangers available.

  8. Your new office is looking fab. I especially like the guitars on the wall. The one by Resa is simply “mahvellous”! lol……

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