Marble Guitar

Finally. Here is the Marble guitar with a sketch of Marble by Laurie on the body. I used a semi-hollow Telecaster style body with two Humbucker pickups. I put a Telecaster neck with a fancy vine inlay. I was holding Marble when Laurie made the sketch. Multiple images of the sketch turned various ways worked well. The music in the video is me playing the rhythm and lead guitar parts on the Marble Guitar. There are no effects on the rhythm guitar and only echo on the lead guitar. I did not use a virtual amp for either the rhythm or lead guitars. I simply played straight into the computer while recording. Therefore, what you hear is what the guitar sounds like with no special processing other than the echo on the lead. The percussion and bass in the song are the same tracks I used for the RGX One-Eye, the Les Paul One-Eye, and the Tumultuous Strat.


74 thoughts on “Marble Guitar

  1. Beautiful music, Timothy. The art work on the guitar is superb. Marble has got the acting down pat, especially the scenes with you. Oh, and bravo for Silver’s cameo!

  2. Gorgeous work on the guitar, hats off to you and Laurie! Love the music, I love Les Paul but he has nothing on you! Marble must be full of herself with such beautiful objet d’art created in her namesake! Fabulous work, cheers to you both.

  3. Nice Tim! At this rate you’re going to need to build a gallery at your house for all those awesome guitars.
    Maybe showcase a few at the Strat Academy, liven the place up a bit. The guitar sounds great.

    The less Effect the more it Affects.

    Ron |<:^)

  4. Dearest Tim, this is such a beautiful guitar. All of your creations are lovely, this guitar is spectacular, Laurie’s artwork captured something so special. Marble is quite the kitty. Love the video! ~ Mia

    • Thanks, Mia. Laurie had to do a really quick sketch because Marble was squirming. She really did capture something special. I’m happy you liked the video.

  5. Beautiful video… Those kittens are growing fast.. Love the artwork on your guitar and especially the vine along the frets.. Enjoyed your lively music Tim… ๐Ÿ™‚ Thank you… Have a wonderful week ahead.

      • saw some more guitar pics! wow! building guitars seems like it would be relaxing meditative work. at least a great way to meditate

      • Doing the clear coat can be quite stressful. I don’t have a good space for painting, so getting a good finish can be very troubling. I think some of your paintings would go really well on a guitar.

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