Tumultuous Kittens

Glenda and Gwendolyn are 16 weeks old now. They had a ride to the vet this morning to get the booster shots. They are pretty good passengers knowing what cool cats they are riding in a Mazda MX-5.

The latest video of the kittens is accompanied by me playing the guitar I finally finished with a painting named Tumultuous by Tiffany Arp-Daleo on the body and headstock. I’ve been working on this guitar for about three months.

I used a Strat-style body with two colorful Humbucker pickups instead of the three single-coil pickups common to Strat-style guitars. I wired the pickups with a five-way switch. The top, first position on the switch in the neck pickup (both coils). The second position is a single-coil of the two coils in the neck pickup. The middle (third) position is both pickups together with all four coils. The fourth position is a single coil of the bridge pickup, and the bottom (fifth) position is both coils of the bridge pickup.

I got some nice, interesting sounds out of the guitar in the audio recording below. I used the same bass and drum tracks with different effects than I used for the recording in the video. The photos below show the guitar, the body, and a closeup of Tiffany’s signature.

79 thoughts on “Tumultuous Kittens

  1. 🙂 Great sounds on a beauty of a guitar. Excellent job! On the kittens. THe one was moving forwards and backwards like hummingbird levitation. Like, no movement and POOF it had already jumped backwards. All the hopping around and then looking and more hopping and… the grabbing the toy and sliding over the edge of the bed was hilarious and a SaWEET way to end the video.

    • Thanks, Jordan. They really get into their popcorn hopping around when I get into bed and cant get a good video of them.

      • When both of them get to hopping around in hyperspeed they relly look like popcorn popping. Only black.

      • I love that point where they go from the Popcorn Jumping Hyperspace button to the full-on You-Just-Did-That-Magic-Movement-How! stage. Expert skill in play. Works every time, huh?

      • Kittens have a have of ripping through the space-time continuum and moving across kitty dimensions. It’s amazing how they do that. We’ve had cats that could transform space/time and walk through walls.

      • Yes, Yes, I agree. There are things cats have done where, “OH, I KNOW magic exists. Did you just see what the cat did?!!”

        They certainly do… and walk through more than walls. Though, walking through walls is still one of their staples that does not get old. “WHOAH. How’d you do that? Ok I’ll walk around to the next rrrom to keep playing. Where are you taking me?”

  2. I really like your guitar jams, Timothy! Great paintwork too. The kitties have so much energy, I want some. Your a good cat daddy. 😊

  3. They are so cute and SO BUSY! I loved all the jumping around. I smiled when I saw Spunk’s tail among the playthings. Enjoyed the guitar as well.

    • Hi Susan. That’s a tail Spunk rejected. It’s satiny and had a poofy end. The kittens took care of the poofy end, but it’s still satiny and now kittened. Spunk says “Eew!” to anything kittened, especially tails.

  4. I could watch Glenda and Gwendolyn all day long, they are so spunky! Of course, they have a great soundtrack to play too, great jam on a phenomenal looking guitar! Thanks again for choosing Tumultuous for the design, it really is a great look!

    • Thank you for allowing me to put your beautiful painting on the guitar. The kittens are real distractions and they are really good at making me run late.

  5. Timothy you’re an amazing musician! That guitar is awesome, I wish I played or that my Dad was still around ( he too was amazing on the guitar). Anyway I enjoyed this so much, the kittens are so fun. 🐾🐾

    • Thanks, Holly. I ‘m so happy you like it. The guitar really turned out nice. It plays really well and sounds great. Jimmy at the StratAcademy was really impressed with how nice it was to play. The kittens are a blast.

      • Someone will be very lucky to get that , it has beautiful sound and such a stunning gorgeous and original design.
        Those kitties are running on Ever Ready’s , I wish you could bottle some of that energy. 🐾🐾🐾🐾

      • Kitten Energy in a Bottle. Hmmm! I don’t think it works well for a parody of Croce’s Time in a Bottle.

  6. Great looking and sounding guitar, Tim! You are a man of many talents.
    It’s always fun to see little cats play and run around. They are so full of life…

  7. Beautiful video, just loved those kittens at play… And your guitar playing superb…. Love the abstract artwork on it… Vibrant and colourful, and all harmonises so well, just like your guitar playing… 😀🙏
    Have a great Weekend Tim.. 🙂

  8. Great sounding guitar, Timothy – I especially liked the second piece. Kittens – who couldn’t watch their antics all day?

  9. This guitar looks and sounds fantastic!!!
    So is your playing!
    Of course the kittens have out show boated, but I’m a hard core cat person!
    Will add this & the One-Eye you want to sell, onto the end of the first post of Art Gowns in Chicago!

    • Hi Felipe. When I first saw Tumultuous I said “Oh that would look nice on a guitar!” I was right. It looks great. The guitar came out really well and it plays and sounds as good as it looks. Kitten make things a lot better.

    • I’m happy you got a laugh out of the kittens. We all need to laugh these days. Thanks, Flo.

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