One-Eye Art Gowns Guitars — Graffiti Lux Art & More

I recently put together three custom guitars: one with a painting by Tiffany Arp-Daleo, and two with One-Eye drawings by Resa. I finished Tiffany’s guitar and wired up, but then I decided I wanted to put a different neck on it. I’m still working on the neck, so I have not introduced Tiffany’s guitar. Resa’s guitars aren’t finished either, but I put them together and photographed them so she could do a One-Eye drawing post and include both guitars in her post. Check out her post at the link below. It’s wonderful.

H’eye all! Tonight I’m your host for a most thrilling announcement event! Timothy Price from Off Center Not Even is using 2 of Resa’s One-Eye drawings to adorn his custom made guitars. Resa did this One-Eye drawing with Tim and his guitars in mind. It is the first time anyone has seen it, except Tim, […]

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39 thoughts on “One-Eye Art Gowns Guitars — Graffiti Lux Art & More

    • Wow, Tim, I’m all into guitars now, a beginner playing a Taylor GS Mini and taking lessons online. After 50 years of actual playing! I love the art work on your guitars. Resa & you do awesome work together! 🎶🎸 Christine

      • Thanks, Tim! I’m finding it’s not like riding a bicycle! I forgot how to play after 50 years. But, the memory that I actually played classical guitar back then, keeps me going. But, into rock n’ roll and country now! 😊🎶

      • I’m still relearning to play with numb fingertips. Very difficult. I’m always ending up on the wrong frets.

      • Good to know I have company relearning! I’ve grown the tip of the finger callouses, but still have slight discomfort. Alcohol swabs help. Into the 3rd month of lessons online. I’ll keep going until I can play along with my fav songs on Amazon music. 😊🎶

      • I’m kind of bad about learning songs. I’ll learn a song to do a parody. Otherwise, I do my own music. I work on scales. It’s really helpful to practice scales (different modes: mixolidian, phrygian, dorian grey, etc.) and work on music theory.

      • Your own songs are awesome, Tim! I’m not anywhere near that. The scale practice is what the online teacher keeps telling us. Also placement of chords, and rhythm. I’ll have to look up the different scale modes! And music theory. Thanks for the tip! 🎸🎶

  1. This is such a cool project! Happy for the reblog, thank you, Tim!
    When these guitars are done, and your others, I’d love to do a special Art Gowns post hosted by RR & featuring the Art Gowns Models.
    I’m doing a PBH Chicago adventure (with your flower pics, trees,), and before that my new Art Gown should be finished & posted. Oh, and still working on the Charlotte post. OH… I did one of my free style drawings of her. Hmmm… I’m going to send it to you!

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