Society Broken by Germs

This parody of Green Day’s Boulevard of Broken Dreams was inspired by New Mexico DOT’s nanny signs on I-25, I-40, and in the Village of Corrales that read “Shop Alone. Stay Home. Stop Spread. Wash Hands. Save Lives.”, etc. I always shop alone and have done so for years. There’s no reason for both of us to shop together when the other person can be doing other things. Besides, if I go shopping with Laurie we generally get stuck in the bra section, which is like being stuck in hell. Apparently, with most everything closed during the lockdown, the government decided people were breaking the social distancing rules by going shopping together.  So they added “Shop Alone” to their nanny signs.

Besides the Fender Bass in the video, all the other guitars I either custom built, customized, or assembled from guitar components. My solid Black Strat that I finished recently makes its first appearance in the video (I have played it in recent songs I’ve posted, however). I made it with everything black down to the fingerboard, frets, and strings. Although, the frets don’t stay black very long. I don’t believe the Fender Bass has appeared in videos before this one.

Society Broken by Germs

Music: Green Day
Lyrics: Timothy Price

I walk the grocery aisles,
They are not at all what I have known
Don’t know where they’ve gone
Push an empty cart, and I shop alone

I look at empty shelves
In society broken by germs
There where no one sleeps
I’m not the only one, but I shop alone

I shop alone, I shop alone
I shop alone, I shop alone

My phone’s the only one that’s there to guide me
With hollow lives how long can we take this beating
How can we accept a new reality
So now, I shop alone

Ah-ah Ah-ah Ah-ah Aaah-ah
Ah-ah Ah-ah Ah-ah

I’m standing in the line
Socially distant to be kind
Are we out of line
In a wedge where I shop alone

Don’t try to cut in line
You’ll be screwed, beaten by fists drawn tight
Check your vital signs? No, you’re not alive
And I shop alone

I shop alone, I shop alone
I shop alone, I shop a-

My phone’s the only one that’s there to guide me
With hollow lives how long can we take this beating
How can we accept a new reality
So now, I shop alone

Ah-ah Ah-ah Ah-ah Aaah-ah
Ah-ah Ah-ah

I shop alone, I shop a-

I look at empty shelves
In society broken by germs
There where no one sleeps
I’m not the only one, but I shop alone

My phone’s the only one that’s there to guide me
With hollow lives how long can we take this beating
How can we accept a new reality
So now, I shop alone

90 thoughts on “Society Broken by Germs

    • Thanks, Herman. I was having a lot of trouble coming up with video. I used a blue screen for the Legos and my guitar clips. It’s different from the green screen so I had to do lots and lots of ajustments. I was about to give up, but Laurie really liked the parody and made me finish the video. It came out pretty well after all.

      • The video was great, and I’m always wondering how you do all these details and special effects. And your videos always put a smile on my face in the morning.

      • The special effects mostly take time putting them together. The real work is trying to figure out what I can put together with limited time and resources. But those two factors force me to be creative in my approach to video.

    • Ha! When you are not attached to the women who are shopping for bras, you can make the best of it. Especially if you can assist with fitting and give the ladies your opinions on how they look in the bras they are traying on.

      • I appreciate the bras after Laurie gets them home. But sitting in the bra section while she tries on bra after bra after bra does not go well with my ADD.

      • The waiting for me is after I’ve exhausted the tools, garden section, sporting goods, electronics, etc. I’m back with hangers of bras that are keepers in one had and bras that are maybes in the other.

  1. Another good one even with LEGO people worked in…but I laughed the most with the conversations with SIRI. 😃

    • Hi Susan. Siri can get a little out of hand sometimes. One time Laurie asked me what I thought Siri would think about something we were discussing. I said “Stupid Siri!” Siri came on Laurie’s phone and said “You hurt my feelings!” As I said “Stupid Siri!”

  2. Another great video Timothy! Shop alone is a good idea but your still near so many others… I ordered groceries for delivery a bit ago.The fender bass looks nice.

    • Thanks, John. I’m happy you liked it. I like playing the Chile Bass better than the Fender Bass. I paid $75 for that bass before I put the Chiles on it. The Chile Bass, and the Chile Guitar, ended up being really good, well-playing instruments for not a lot of money.

  3. Timothy this is the best thing I’ve seen all day. You have a real gift , I knew if s as my one could brighten this “alone” day it would be you. Love how Lola bombed the video ( that is Lola right?) this is awesome Timothy!

    • Thanks, Holly. I’m really happy you liked it and that I gave you some levity on a “lone” day. Loki bombed the video. He likes to turn inside out, which I thought was a good insomniac look.

      • You see the good side of me in the blogoshere. Some people who have to deal with me in person and professionally will beg to differ with you. My stage name, El Cheo, is a curmudgeon in Cuba. I was called the Anti-Christ in a public meeting when I served on the Planning & Zoning Board years ago. Among other names, I’m known as the “Timinator”.

      • The timinator, I love that! I think we all have different sides of us for different occasions. I know I do when it’s necessary. You’re the best Timothy! 😊 after all you did give me the Tangle Heart Tree.

      • That reminds me. I got a nice photo of the Tangle-Heart Tree this morning under a bright blue sky and a few clouds behind it.

      • I’ll send you some of the resent photos of the Tangle-Heart Tree. I need to look for some photos of Marina’s pear tree in a cone shape for Resa.

    • I really appreciate your confidence in me, Holly. I always look forward to your poetry to give me beautiful things to ponder. I’m happy we can offer each other some bright spots during these dark times.

  4. It’s amazing what a Lockdown’ll do to a guy. You’ve out done yourself again El Cheo. Great video work man. The Chile Deans are smokin’ hot! Good to see’Em again.


    • Are you coming up with lots of cool stuff? I’ve been working a lot. It was hard to find time to put the song and video together. I have some original things in might, but need time to work them out.

  5. Bravissimo! Love it! I have guitar (and bass) envy now. If you are ever in these parts of California. We will have to do a photo shoot! I had started a project called the Your Pain Is Showing Project. For people that have or had chronic illness or pain conditions that no matter what still created art. I want to showcase what others create like poetry, photography, painting, writing…. I know that it is presumptive for me to think that you have a chronic condition but from the brief messages we have exchanged I kind think you might fit right for this project. I had to halt it due to my own condition and lack of interest from others. However, I am thinking about restarting. Anyhow, just a thought. Sorry, I just slept for 12 hours…it doesn’t happen often…

    • Thanks, Art. I’m happy you liked it. If you have any talent for building things. You can assemble guitars for reasonable prices.

      You got it right about chronic conditions, chronic pain, etc. Your Pain is Showing Project sounds interesting. However, a lot of people practice their arts to over come their pain, hide their pain or put a different face on it. Your Pain is Showing connotes a sense of failure in overcoming one’s pain to me.

      • Oh my. My name is Michelle, but you my friend, Tim, can call me what ever you like. YEs, I can build websites, but with my illness I lost money because of not being able to work or keep clients. I had to shutter my two websites. I have one last website left, the parent. Holding on to that one for dear life but you know, everything can be rebuilt.

        Thank you for that insight about the name of the project. Yeah. I thought about that too. I want it to be a place to meet others who use art and may not have a huge social presence but would like to connect with others. I have a rare condition, when I found others like me, most just wanted to complain about their pain and how much medication they took. I posted about my art and writing and no one would talk to me or when others posted about there art or accomplishments. It was weird. Anyhow…it’s a thought…my brain not the best sometimes 🙂

      • Hi Michelle. I didn’t see your name on your blog site, so Art was the name I had for you. Maybe a Chronic Condition Collaborative would work. While I generally have a lot of pain, fortunately, I don’t have to take a lot of medications. I would bet a lot of creative people with chronic conditions are very independent, which might make them reluctant to share, collaborate or participate. I presume a project about chronic conditions would require as much creativity as the art of dealing with chronic conditions. I admire you for putting the project together.

      • No worries. I had originally wanted to be anonymous but then changed that as I changed the theme of the blog. With a chronic condition, sometimes you have to roll with the changes. Yeah, I am positive that there are many creatives out there that are independent and use there creative side to or should I say channel it using their art. That is all I was hoping was to find other like minded people. I can find plenty of people that want to share about there bad experiences and pain but I want to see the positives that go along with those stories as well. I know they are out there, I find them every now and then. My apologies for unloading on you but really, no one ever wants to talk, really.

  6. This morning I sense something’s up so I look up … Awww Woah Ah-ah Ah-ah Ah-ah Aaah-ah – on the major highways your vital signs are so dashing and dazzling “Sing Alone. Stay Hot. Spread Shot. Watch Him … Save Lives” 🦚🐸🦄 Handsome superman who overcomes pain really is the No.1 distraction for all meditators alike I have to tell you 🐨🐞🦔

    • Oh my. Thank you so much, Dot. You are much too kind. I’m happy you got a feeling that something might be up this morning.

      • I am still meditating on all the great tips you’ve given me. Thank you is what I meant to say 🐠 You’re the most generous and the most inspiring I hope you know that 🐧

      • You are welcome, Dot. I would love to see a Blue kitten book come out on some of those ideas we shared.

    • Thanks, Lavinia. I’m happy you liked it. From experimenting with guitar builds and colors, I am getting quite a collection.

    • Thanks, Julie. The Lego people have been very helpful for making videos. Someone had posted keeping and alligator distance between yourself and other people was good social distancing. So the Legos used it.

    • Thanks, Tiffany. I really happy you like it. As I mentioned to Lavinia, experimenting with different builds, pickup configs, colors, etc. makes one end up with quite a collection of guitars.

  7. Anyone notable lining up for a “Price Guitar” yet? And, has anyone asked you to be a shopping consultant in the lingerie department? (LOL) 🙂

    It seems our statewide lockdown maybe lifted in two weeks. Testing, though, is the linchpin. Forget the notion testing kits are still few and their accuracy not so good. We’ll see what happens.

    • Hi David. No one has asked about getting a guitar. Joel is threatening to give me another one he started and doesn’t want to finsih it. Being a lingerie consultant would be an entirely different matter.

      I haven’t heard what’s going on in New Mexico other than forcing businesses like Total Wine to close, and the local indoor shooting range to close even though they were only open to law enforcement and military.

      • We have a less than desirable governer who is not the brightest. She is forcing a political agenda not a practical agenda.

  8. Tim!
    This is one of your best videos… although the dancing Lola one was quite hysterical!
    I got some fab laffs from the Siri stuff. I can’t stand Siri, and have it shut off, so it was quite delightful.
    The guitars rock, big time. Each one is like an Art Gowns model, unique, individual beauty, grace and pizzaz.
    Thank you, Tim for helping me brighten up my day. I want to brighten some days, too. Perhaps I’ll try a funny post!

    • Thank you so much, Resa. I’m happy I gave you something to laugh about and brighten your day.

      I haven’t thought about my guitars in terms of Art Gowns. They are each unique guitars, but my guitars don’t come close to the handiwork, craftmanship/craftwomanship and artistic sensibilities of your Art Gowns. But I really appreciate your comparison.

      Siri is so annoying. When Laurie had Siri turned on, Siri would often break into our conversations to add her two cents worth. We were like “shut up Siri we didn’t ask what you think!” Many years ago Siri came turned on on iPhones. I had my phone lying on the counter and Rosencrantz stepped on it. Siri came on asking what she could do for him. He meowed and she promptly defined a cat. I tried meowing in the phone and she said something about a cat sound, but would not define cat again like she did with Rosencrantz’ meow. She knew a real meow.

      I think you could come up with wonderfully funny and entertaining posts to brighten our days.

    • Thanks, Charlotte. I’m happy you liked it. “Rocker angst” is a perfect description.

  9. So sorry I missed this one. Tim you’ve outdone yourself. I think this is your best parody yet. Love it! I want to get back to our project. A panic attack incapacitated me for a couple of days this week. Anyhow, congrats on a job well done! Loki played his part purr-fectly. (I apologize if that was Lola.) Happy Caturday to all the kitties. Hugs on the wing!

    • Thanks, Teagan. I’m happy you liked it. You got Loki right. Work on the project as you feel up to it. No hurries. No worries.

    • Thanks for the wonderful comment, JYP. I’m not a fan of Green Day either, but when I saw the nanny state flashing “Save Lives! Shop Alone” messages on the electronic signs on I-25 on my way to work the parody came into my twisted mind.

      • I don’t know “Blurred Lines”, but I agree that “Word Crimes” is a masterpiece. Another Weird Al masterpiece is “All About The Pentiums.” I have never heard “All About The Benjamins”, which I think is the original song. Weird Al has so many brilliant parodies. He provides a lot of inspiration.

      • Blurred Lines is a terrible song with a gross weird video. Even the video version where the girls aren’t topless is gross. The only reason to watch it is to fully appreciate Weird Al’s brilliance in parodying the video as well as the song in Word Crimes.

      • Boobs = views. Should I look up Burred Lines as a comparison or simply enjoy Word Crimes in boobless bliss? Daughter called up and blubber butted twerking video the other day. She and wife were in hysterics over it. I thought is was pretty bloody awful myself.

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