Najar, July 2014 – March 27, 2020

Najar between the sliver moon and Venus.
I’m thinking about putting a photo of Najar on my Black Tele I built last year.

We buried Najar under a rosebush named Ballerina. A sliver moon and Venus were hanging in the western sky. Najar died peacefully on Friday afternoon while Laurie snuggled, caressed and comforted her. Najar had been battling symptoms of what we suspect was bone cancer since September of Last year. She put up a good fight and did really well up until a few days before she died. Her bone marrow had stopped producing red blood cells, and she slowed down until she could barely move, laid her head down, and died.

Unfortunately, I was at a doctor’s appointment for my six-month checkup. I got home not long after Najar died. She was lying in state, front paws crossed with a slight smile on her face.

We got Najar from the animal shelter on December 27, 2014. She was 6 months old at the time. We got her so Spunk would have a kitten his age to play with. Spunk was mauling poor Rosencrantz and needed a kitty with more energy. Najar and Spunk played and played, making up games like Spunk hiding under the floor mat and Najar attacking him that I included in the video.

Najar first got really sick in 2016. The vet was able to successfully treat her. We thought she had a virus back then; however, the other kitties never accepted Najar back into the kitty clan after that first serious illness. They must have sensed that she had more serious issues that had not fully shown themselves.

Najar was really special. We called her our dragon and little girl. She was super quick and nothing escaped her claws when she pounced. We spoiled her, gave her special attention, and tried to protect her from the other kitties bullying her. She was always a happy, really loving kitty who liked to jump up on our shoulders and sometimes lick our hair. She loved to curl up on my lap while I worked on the computer, and had a way of sweetly demanding whatever she wanted and getting it.

We really miss Najar. Her death has left a void in our household and huge holes in our hearts.


Music & Lyrics: Timothy Price
Guitars: Timothy Price
Bass: Timothy Price
Percussion: Timothy Price


We miss you

Verse 1
We miss your kitty kisses
Your dragon eyes
Your being with us
We miss your sweet soft cries

Verse 2
Your leaps to shoulder snuggles
When you licked our hair
And made us giggle
Before your leaped
your cute butt wiggle

Curled-up lap cat
Cuddles reassuring
Insistence, persistence
Pounces in an instance
We still feel you purring

Our tears can’t fill
The holes left in our hearts
Like a broken glass, fallen
Scattered in a million parts
Photographs, our memories
Of good times never lost
How you blessed or lives
With your love that never stopped

You will not be forgotten
Our beautiful Chat Noir
You will be forever
Our lovely little girl

Verse 1
We miss your kitty kisses
Your dragon eyes
Your being with us
We miss your sweet soft cries

Our tears can’t fill
The holes left in our hearts
Like a broken glass, fallen
Scattered in a million parts
Photographs, our memories
Of good times never lost
How you blessed or lives
With your love that never stopped

You will not be forgotten
Our beautiful Chat Noir
You will be forever
Our lovely little girl

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85 thoughts on “Najar, July 2014 – March 27, 2020

  1. Oh, Tim, I am so sorry for you and Laurie, and for the Price kitties. Najar was fortunate to be part of the household, as you were fortunate to have her. RIP Najar…

  2. It’s always sad when a special cat leaves us. Definitely put her portrait on the Tele. So sorry.

  3. So sorry on the loss of sweet Najar.

    How you describe her, a certain black cat of mine has many of the same traits. Midnight likes to treat my hair too. She has gotten into the habit of moving my arm, with her claws out, when I’m at the desk and her on my lap.

    Black cats, of course, are extra special. Lots of sass too.

    • She was really fiesty up until a couple of days before she died. She never lost her dragon look or attitude. Thanks, David.

  4. Tim, how sad for you & Laurie that Najar passed away. So good it was peaceful with Laurie’s comfort. Such a beautiful cat. Her mysterious eyes never to be forgotten. 🥺💛 Christine

  5. Tim and I so sorry, my heart goes out to you and Laurie. Najar was such a beautiful kitty. I know how hard it is to lose an animal friend. Your song is a beautiful tribute.

    • Thanks, Leah. I know you understand being a cat person. Kitties are family, and we never get over losing them.

  6. Oh no, Tim, so sorry to read this sad and painful news about Najar. She was was still so young. But I’m sure she was happy about the way you took care of her. You gave her a beautiful home. Please cherish all the warm memories of Najar deep in your heart, my friend. Wishing you lot of strength.

  7. Your song and tribute are so wonderfully written, played and payed. Najar was lucky (still is) to have you and Laurie being her family. She has given and received so much love during her 5 years 8 months of living, a better quality of life than many people’s 🌷

    • Thanks, Dot. I’m not super happy with the song. It was difficult to get it come out the way I wanted it to. I wrote and recorded it yesterday, but I didn’t want to let Najar’s memorial slip another day. I got called in for a biopsy on Saturday so I was not able to work on the song Saturday. With so many medical offices closed right now, when a doctor calls to do a procedure, it’s best to drop everything and do it. I’m happy you liked the song. Najar had a really short life, but at least she had a happy, and full life.

      • You have such high standards for your own works, I can tell. And I know you have so much more yet to express than you’ve shared, one can sense it from the lyrics you write and the way you present it. You are a deep, passionate and compassionate soul, the most versatile artist I see on blogosphere! I know your best work is yet to come. Does the call to do a biopsy mean the doctor found something on Friday? When will the result come out? Are you feeling overwhelmingly anxious?

      • I have a new mole that I didn’t have on my last doctor visit. Therefore, we needed a biopsy it to make sure it’s not melanoma. I should get results by the end of the week. I don’t feel anxious about these things. If it’s cancerous, then the doctor will have to do more cutting and whatever treatment goes along with it. Otherwise, I will simply have another scar to add to my collection of scars from a combination of my wild youth and more recently bouts with the results a some bad DNA.

      • It’s so comforting reading your matter-of-factly way of saying things. You are a true warrior, a sure winner. When you have time and energy, how about make a parody for this new mole?

      • I feel so amazed by your resistance and strength! Although you are neutral toward it, I still hope the result will come out not cancerous but just another scar to add to your collection of “Where the Wild Things Are” 🦄 Wish you the best Tim 🍑

      • Sorry, I meant resilience … My language! When can it get proper and better?!Hope it at least gave you a reason to laugh, Tim 🐧

      • It’s not just your language. I make lots of typos. It’s usually easy enough to know what was the intended word was.

      • Thanks, Dot. I think worrying less about things comes with age and experience. I remember when we lived in Spain, the young people worried about how the old folks would adapt to the Euro. I would say, the old folks lived through Franco and the Spanish Civil war. They were not going to have problems with the Euro. After all the medical issues I’ve had to deal with throughout my live, a mole and a biopsy are not something to have anxiety over. I’ll have to think about a mole parody. There are possibilities.

      • I thought you only started to deal with medical issues later in life. Now you are even more admirable in my eyes, since you’ve had to deal with it throughout your life, yet there is no trace of bitterness, depression or negativity I ever detect in everything you share. Your level of calmness, even temperament and enthusiasm about things you love are so impressive. If it’s an acquired quality instead of innate personality, how did you attain it? By meditation? Distraction? Faith? It must not be easy to keep up blogging every day, yet you have been doing it so excellently for so long, truly amazing.

      • I get pretty cranky and curmudgeonly. I had a rare condition in my knees which started when I was 8 years old. Lots of pain and problems before and after surgery for a couple of years with that one. I have anklosing spondylitis, which I managed quite well with exercise, but it’s been giving me more problems along with all the nerve damage from chemo. I have to deal with a lot of pain, but I am able to do most everything I want to. The nerve damage is a small price to pay for having a normal life. I feel very fortunate. I had a lot of friends who didn’t live through their cancers.

        I don’t meditate, I have too much ADD for meditation, yoga, tai chi and things like that. I love karate and kickboxing, but I don’t do those anymore. I would say distractions like kitties, photography, music, work, etc. have more to do with not worry much about things.

        The only thing that is really difficult about blogging every day, is putting up with all the issues and quirkiness I run into with WordPress. Blogging is part of the daily routine.

      • It’s my first time encountering the term ‘ankylosing spondylitis’, after googling about its symptoms, I instantly feel overwhelmed with new respects toward you. In your videos you always have great posture and upright, handsome, graceful image, no one could guess you’re having lots of pain! And judging by the quality of your lyrics and all the interesting ideas you come up for your daily posts, it must have taken great mental power to do it. You are a rare breed 🐍 If one day you feel up to writing an autobiography, sharing all your kickboxing with the pains, it would be truly inspiring for ‘armchair academics’ who feed on secondhand experiences🦉

      • It’s funny because Laurie is always getting after me for slouching. When I was 16, before we knew the problem was ankylosing spondylitis, I started doing ballroom dancing for therapy. Dance is really good for one’s posture. We danced for years, but haven’t done a lot of dancing lately. No places on our side of town to dance, and it’s really difficult to get up the gumption to go out and cross the river again in the evenings.

        Have you read the Tales From My Youth on my T&L Photos site? You might enjoy those if you haven’t read them.

        Trying to be creative is part of my post treatment therapy. I still have “chemo brain” which frustrates me when simple things slip my mind. It’s just a matter of keeping the mind and body as actives and paricticable.

      • Laurie must be overprotective. You are so fortunate to have her having your back all along. I have read some of your tales and will go back to read the rest. All of them can sustain repeated readings. I remember the one about your best friend’s mother getting murdered and the one about your snake hiding in the priest’s chair. You’ve got some wild tales to tell. I didn’t call your site a gold mine for no reason. Your site has layers of goods, deep buried precious metals🐨🐿🦔

      • I’m happy there’s plenty of content there for you to mine from you armchair. The snake in the preacher’s chair was great. I’ll never forget that.

      • BTW Laurie’s not overprotective. She just likes to rib me about it.

  8. Najar, and other animals like her who tolerate living with us flawed humans, elevate and console us. We owe them so much. You do justice to all your beautiful cats through your words and photographs, your respectful distance and overwhelming love.

  9. I write this sniffling and wet eyed.
    Najar is beautiful and would be awesome on your Tele.
    Your song is very sweet, and it would work for my little Jeep girl.
    Lovely tribute, Tim! Darn these little creatures sure know how to get under our skin.
    Hugs to you and Laurie!! (sorry if I misspelled her name)
    How are the other kitties taking it?
    Le sniff!

    • Thanks, Resa. She was a really sweet kitty. The other kitties didn’t like Najar, so they are unaffected. When Guildenstern died in 2016, Rosencrantz took it really hard. Rosencrantz sat out by Guildenstern’s grave every day for weeks. Rosencrantz died in 2018, and I buried him next to Guildnestern.

      I’m happy you like the song. I had a very hard time getting what I wanted, musically, so I’m disappointed with the song. But I wanted music to post with the video and I didn’t want to postpone Najar’s memorial.

  10. I just visited all of the Najar links. What a sweetie!!!!
    I do remember some of the posts, especially the one with Spunk and the Camera.
    RIP, sweet Najar!

  11. I am so sorry for your loss. Najar was a beautiful kitty, I am sure you gave her the best life possible. I love the idea of her image on the telecaster! RIP sweet girl, hugs to you and Laurie.

  12. Oh no, no, no… I’m so very sorry, Tim. It breaks my heart to hear of the death of a cat. Sending you and Laurie every good thought. This is a beautiful tribute. Hugs on the wing.

    • We are so sad to lose her. We did everything we could for her. We really miss her. Thanks, Teagan.

  13. May you always feel love & peace Najar wherever your beautiful soul is.

    Awesome that you designed the example of the guitar. It should be done now you have seen it that way.

    • I’m trying to decide if I want to use that guitar or made one especially in her honor.

      • That reminds me of when I was worried I’d never find a container beautiful enough for my cremated Copper. Then I read in choosing an urn, when blessed with options, you’ll know it when you see it. I visited a consignment-type shop. On a shelf for only $10 was a lovely, odd piece. It stood out more than anything & I knew it was right. I already had it when I brought her home. She fits perfectly & is elevated by its ornate legs. So, the decision will come to you, it will be the right one.

  14. The grief never goes away. I lost my boy Jag on the 19th of April. It was a hit and run. He was on his way home after visiting his friends.
    Sheer devastation. I cry every day, my heart bleeds for my son. I could go on. Still not happy with God.

    • That is tragic! I’m so sorry to hear that. Losing a child is devastating. My heart goes out to you.

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