24 thoughts on “ḊeST Sfm

    • Hi Holly. We get a lot of gang graffiti down town. The city has a graffiti removal unit, that usually paints over graffiti promptly. As a little brick tidbit. Our office building was built in 1894. The bricks used to build the office were made by prisoners, and the bricks were sun dried, not fired, so they are very soft. We have to use special breathable paint on the exposed brick. Otherwise, moisture would get caught under the paint and the bricks would dissolve.

      • That’s staying on top of things, here in Miami we have a Art Basel, an area for artist to paint on walls and whatever. Of course through out the cities areas there is indiscriminate wall writing and the city is quick to paint over it. That’s very fascinating about the very old brick, fascinating.

      • We have buildings and walls that artist do murals on, but I don’t think we have places for just anyone to do street art. But I could be wrong on that.

  1. What a De messt. As the other part says, SoFu@&in#Messy
    Lots of that around here. What blows me away is how they get up on roofs, train overpasses, and other very dangerous places, just to scribble. Go figure?!

    • I think part of the tagging dangerous places is part of gang initiation. We’ve had the highest car theft in the US here for the past few years. A lot of stealing cars is gang initiation. There is a lot of violence with gang initiation also.

      • Sigh! You are right! We got tagged one night, about 10 years ago. The police were here all the next day. Apparently they were specific gang tags. There’s tags everywhere, but these ones sounded alarm bells.
        Keep you car safe!

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