Bruski in the ȠE BU QUE RQUE


Can you find Bruski in the ȠE BU QUE RQUE sculpture?


I was awakened by thunder this morning. As I drove into town I could see scattered thundershowers all around. The photo above has two showers the were moving from west to east. The thundershower on the left reflected a very subtle rainbow from the rising sun.

The full view of the OȠE AL BU QUE RQUE sculpture

15 thoughts on “Bruski in the ȠE BU QUE RQUE

  1. Fun post! I woke up really early this morning, and an hour later I fell back asleep. I vaguely remember some thunder and rain, but by the time I woke up the sun was out. It’s fun to see what happened while I was sleeping. 🙂

    • Hi Susan. I heard from people who live in various parts of the city about getting quite wet from the morning thunderstorms. I managed to miss the morning showers, but drove into the evening rains coming home.

    • Hi Tiffany. It’s just a hop, skip and a jump over the continental divide for your thunderstorms to reach us.

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